What do I mean by self love?

Photo: Mong Linh

Photo: Mong Linh

In my opinion there is A LOT that goes into self love. Broadly we could say it’s taking care of ourselves completely; mentally, emotionally and physically. But what does that mean? For me that goes in soo many directions.

There are soo many small and big things that impact self love and self care in good, bad and blah ways. From praying, to what what I eat, how I am feeling when I eat certain foods (emotional eating), being kind to myself, fitness, reading, saying ‘no,’ loving myself at any size, writing, taking breaks from social media, going to bed early and so much more.

In this section I want to share of that works for me, stuff I have tried and it didn’t work and maybe even some of your tips.

It is important to remember that self love & self care is not cookie cutter perfect, it really is different for each of us.